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Right Hand Diamond Rings

Diamond right hand rings were originally thought of by the diamond mining company De Beers. De Beers is one of the main promoters of diamond jewelry since they control approximately 60% of the world diamond production. When right-hand rings were first introduced in 2003, the designs were based on a concept framed by this company.

The rings were meant to be fashionable diamond pieces to suit a woman’s sense of style instead of serving as a symbolic reminder of her marital status. So right-hand ring design started out looking like high-quality diamond rings oriented in a north-south format with a lot of negative space and bigger and better quality diamonds than you would find in the standard diamond cocktail and cluster rings that were popular during the 1990s.

Prices for custom designed right hand diamond rings would really depend on the caliber of the designer, the raw materials used and the type of design required by the customer. Many women like to have their right-hand rings custom designed because they can be assured that no one else will have that exact ring. There are many elements that can cause the price of a custom designed piece to go up. One of the most frequent causes is when the customer changes their mind often about how the ring should look during the design process.

Designing jewelry takes time and customizing it to the customer’s finger takes a great deal of effort. Some designs look great on paper but when the product reaches the silver casting stage and the customer tries on the raw design, for one reason or another it does not work out. So what happens is that the jeweler has to go back to the drawing board and the customer has to pay for all that design work and fabricating the silver casting that went into the original design. Unlike a fashion necklace manufacturer who produces thousands of pieces at a time, this is a very complex process that takes time and expertise.

Pink Pearls Origin

Many people think of pearls in terms of black and white but pearls come in many colors.   Pink pearls are an increasingly popular choice for women today as they make for especially feminine jewelry.  But why are pink pearls pink rather than white like most pearls?

All pearls are made the same way.  They grow inside a living shellfish, either an oyster or a mussel.  When some small piece of dirt gets trapped inside the shell of the oyster, it coats the dirt with a special liquid called nacre to stop the irritation.  Gradually the layers of liquid harden and build up and a pearl is born. This is a very slow process and it can take many years for the tiny speck of dirt to be turned into a pearl.  As the process is slow and uncommon pearls were very rare and expensive and very much sought after for women’s jewelry.

In the twentieth century, people learned how to farm pearls.  The oysters and mussels are kept in special pearl beds and a small seed is placed inside each one from which a pearl may grow.  This seed is very often a small bead or a piece of mother of pearl.  The success rate for farmed pearls is much higher than for natural pearls.  In fact, freshwater mussels can produce many pearls each when farmed.  While the quality is generally not as good as the best naturally grown pearl, the volume grown means that matching pearls for jewelry is easier and there is always a percentage of good quality gems.

The majority of farmed peals are also white but colored pears can also be farmed.  There are two factors which will give rise to pink pearls.  The first is that certain types of oysters and mussels will naturally produce pink pearls.  The second is the environment in which they grow.  The minerals and chemicals in the water will affect the color of the growing pearl.  The majority of pink pearls today are farmed and they come in a range of shades of pink from a delicate blush to a deep rose.  They are also available in a range of sizes. And if you choose fashion jewelry pink pearls, you will find them at a discounted price in comparison to genuine pink pearls.

Pink pearls make for stunning jewelry and are an increasingly popular choice for women.  Whether it is a casual or formal occasion or just to spoil yourself, think pink pearls.  If you are thinking of purchasing or wearing pink pearls visit for all the information you will need on pink pearls.

Italian Sterling Silver Charms

Italian jewelry holds a great reputation for the luxurious feel and look of their exquisitely handcrafted necklaces, bracelets, rings, and other forms of jewellery. Buyers are highly attracted to these magnificently crafted piece of artwork. Their quality and reputation is unmatched by any other; their designs original and often forms of inspiration to other jewellers. The means by which Italian jewelry is crafted is a dedicated set of rules and standards passed from generation to generation. Their skill and dedication make these flawless creations worthy of such high praise.

Notable Italian jewellers such as Fortunato Pio Castellani, serve to carry on this tradition. Established in Rome in 1814, Fortunato Pio Castellani was one of the most notable jewellers of Italian jewellery of that time and have since become notable even now. At this time, focus was placed mainly on popular fashion jewellery considered trendy at the time. As Castellani continued crafting jewellery, he soon began to incorporate past styles and incidentally, created a new fashion trend.

By the 1830′s, discoveries of ancient Italian jewellery inspired Castellani into creating jewellery that reflected the influence of classical Italian jewellery craftsmanship, Greek jewellery, and his own style.

Fortunato Pio Castellani, and later his sons, became great inspiration to aspiring Italian jewellers. Today Italian jewellers follow in their footsteps, striving in creating the finest pieces of jewelry whether that be a necklace or perhaps sterling silver charms, flawlessly crafted and worthy of the admiration and praise they so easily receive.

Passion and respect for the trade, drive the artist into creating such magnificent works of pure esthetically pleasing creations that are so coveted among jewellers of every aspect.

True Italian gold jewellery is heralded as being the finest and most intricately crafted. Each curve of the elaborate structure of the jewellery combines with the over-all design of the piece, caressing the face of the jewellery with such precise and deliberate attention that it is impossible to argue with the fact that true Italian jewellery is a thing of pure beauty.

Grand occasions such as weddings and anniversaries will become all the more grand by giving these luxurious examples of jewellery excellence to your loved one. Each piece of jewellery is handcrafted with the utmost importance placed on pleasing the customer and following the standards set out by the first Italian jewellers. Every piece is created with the finest of metals, each selected for their purity and their type to provide the most spectacular jewellery experience. With such emphasis placed on the creation of the jewellery, your loved one will know how special a gift this truly is.

With Italian jewellery, the simplest of jewellery can become magnificent. Sterling silver charms become grand works of art that are worthy of becoming the finest of gifts. Italian jewellery has garnered much praise over its lifetime and rightfully so as it has proven time and time again and will continue to do so.